St. Peter's Church, Belsize Park, London. Church of England

Sunday Services

11.30am Parish Eucharist and Sunday School

The Eucharist is sung congregationally with preaching that is relevant and seeks both to challenge and encourage.

A creche is provided for very young children at the back of the church. Older children are free to join the Children's Minister in an adjacent room for fun and learning.

Please join us for refreshments after the service.


6.00-7.00pm PrayerSpace

Want a space just to be? PrayerSpace offers a time to sit, walk around, listen to music, read and inform yourself, pray in your own way, or simply absorb the atmosphere.

Weekday Services

Daily Prayer
5.00pm Monday
1.15pm Tuesday
5.00pm Wednesday
5.00pm Thursday
5.00pm Friday

Holy Communion
10.30am Thursday (followed by 'Croissants and Coffee' at 11.05)

For occasional changes to mid-week services, please check the Notice for the current week on the Porch Door or use the contacts below.

Weddings, Christenings and Funerals

If you have any queries, please contact Fr Paul or 020 7586 6522